Playoffs, Patriots & Patience; 5 things this weekend reminded me

Someone I admire once said that they don’t pay attention to sports because they don’t matter. I laughed a little thinking they were joking, but was also a little hurt because I knew they weren’t. In some ways, they are right. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter who wins or loses the Super Bowl, World Series, Wimbledon, US Open, etc. But in most ways, they couldn’t be more wrong. Show me someone who didn’t play a sport and learn something about themselves, leadership/comradery or the world in general, and I will show you someone who is lying to themselves. This last weekend was no exception.

While most of the country was in a tizzy because the New England-freaking-Patriots are going to yet another Super Bowl, I was sitting quietly on my couch observing my fiancé squirm, as he was watching his beloved Tom Brady.

Love him or hate him, here is what the future hall-of-famer, his team and the other playoff contenders reminded me about my word for the year- patience.

Some things you can change, others you can’t.

Without even saying it, you know exactly which call I am referring to. As someone who was neutral, I was angry. So, I can only imagine how frustrated Saints fans were. If I were them, I would be disgruntled about it for a long time. You all know I will forever be bitter about a certain play at the super bowl. *sigh.* BUT, there is (unfortunately) nothing that can be done about it now. We can learn from it, and I sure as hell hope that NFL Officials are learning from it too! In the meantime..

Focus on you.

Others might tell you to stay in your lane and in last night’s AFC Championship game, both the Patriots and the Chiefs did just that. While most of my attention fell on the fourth quarter of the that game, let’s start by recognizing that the Chiefs and Rams both came from behind to force overtime. They could have allowed a scoreboard and fan chatter to determine the outcome right then and there. But, obviously they kept their heads down and focused on what they could control. Specifically, looking back at that fourth quarter, we see both the Chiefs and Pats execute over and over and over again. Each offense knew what they have to do and didn’t allow anything else to distract them.

There’s room for everyone.

This is making me a little physically ill so, ROB YOU BETTER APPRECIATE THIS! There are reports that after the game, Tom requested to meet privately with Patrick Mahomes. We can say what we want about Brady, but I imagine that he did this not knowing that someone may or may not catch wind of it. I can only view it as someone who wasn’t necessarily seeking publicity, but instead hoping to have a respectable conversation QB to QB. And for that, I respect you, Tom. In terms of patience, I thought this was a great reminder that there is room for everyone at the table. It just might be that someone is experiencing a hill, when you are stuck in a valley.

Blazing trails is not easy.

Switching gears a bit, I am turning my attention back on the refs. It is true that so many players have blazed, or are blazing their own trail. But, this is a huge shoutout to Sarah Thomas! She was the first female in the NFL to officiate a playoff game (divisional round- Patriots vs. Chargers), and for that I tip my cap. You go girl! Being a woman in sports is not always easy, but it is worth it!  Thank you for not being afraid to take the path less traveled. Thank you for taking the time to set an example and inspiring the next generation of badass women. Thank you for proving that…

MOST IMPORTANTLY, good things come to those who wait and work hard.

We had not one, but two overtime championships. As someone who truly didn’t have a horse in the race, I was impressed by all four teams. In a post-game interview Coach Belichick mentioned that what he and his players thought would be a 60 minute fight, ended up being a little bit longer than that. His statement reminded me that we may set goals for ourselves with an end in mind. But, sometimes the finish line isn’t reached when/how we expect it. When faced with that challenge, we can either throw in the towel, or we can keep fighting. The end result might still not be what we want, but I guarantee that the journey is almost always worth it. As cliché as it sounds, the try is what matters.

Added bonus- Being a Seahawks fan, who lives with the aforementioned Tom Brady lover, has taught me that when things don’t turn out the way they want, you may experience throwing of hats, screaming at the tv, or a terrifying dead silence. But, exercise just a smidge of patience, because more often than not it will turn out the way the Patriots want.

Who do you have winning the Super Bowl?

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